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def ATReferenceBrowserWidget::ATReferenceBrowserWidget::ReferenceBrowserWidget::getBaseQuery (   self,
Return base query to use for content search

Definition at line 46 of file ATReferenceBrowserWidget.py.

        """Return base query to use for content search"""
        query = self.base_query
        if query:
            if type(query) is StringType and shasattr(instance, query):
                method = getattr(instance, query)
                results = method()
            elif callable(query):
                results = query()
            elif isinstance(query,dict):
                results = query
            results = {}

        # Add portal type restrictions based on settings in field, if not part
        # of original base_query the template tries to do this, but ignores
        # allowed_types_method, which should override allowed_types
        if not results.has_key('portal_type'):
            allowed_types = getattr(field, 'allowed_types', ())
            allow_method = getattr(field, 'allowed_types_method', None)
            if allow_method is not None:
                meth = getattr(instance, allow_method)
                allowed_types = meth()

        return results

               title='Reference Browser',
               description=('Reference widget that allows you to browse or search the portal for objects to refer to.'),

registerPropertyType('default_search_index', 'string', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('show_index_selector', 'boolean', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('available_indexes', 'dictionary', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('allow_search', 'boolean', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('allow_browse', 'boolean', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('startup_directory', 'string', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('force_close_on_insert', 'boolean', ReferenceBrowserWidget)
registerPropertyType('search_catalog', 'string', ReferenceBrowserWidget)

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